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The mail may stop, but our fight never does.

Your support for children like Jordan is still crucial. Canada Post may have a labour disruption but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the SickKids Lottery. Order your tickets online and rest assured that you will still be included in all eligible draws. You do not need your paper ticket to be included in the draws, to win, or to claim your prizes. Tickets will be mailed once Canada Post service resumes. If you would like to confirm your order and ticket numbers, please call the customer service number at Deloitte at 1-877-216-2598, to receive your ticket numbers via telephone. Thank you for your support! Please order today.

Play our 50/50 Draw


Winner takes half

Minimum payout is $500,000. SickKids 50/50 Draw tickets must be 
ordered in conjunction with SickKids Lottery tickets.


Grand Prize $1 Million

Your ticket purchase helps to:

End heart failure in kids. We perform almost all the paediatric heart surgeries in Ontario and 98.5% of our patients survive. You help us get better all the time.

Cure allergy. With your support our researchers aim to cure or control allergy in kids in the next 10 years.

Raise the survival rate for kids’ cancer. Today, the survival rate is 80%, up from 10% 50 years ago. We’ve still got 20% to go.

Make surgery painless. SickKids treats 12,206 children in the operating room. New techniques we’re developing let surgeons zap tumours with ultrasound. And no pain.

Meet Jordan, a SickKids Patient

Patients and parents can’t imagine their lives without SickKids. Watch Video

Jordan deserves world-class care. Your SickKids Lottery ticket orders help her get it.

Order your SickKids tickets before it’s too late!