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Winners for the November 2016 Cash & Trip Calendar are posted EVERY DAY through the month of November, 2016.


Midnight, September 30th, 2016


November, 1-30, 2016

Cash & Trip Calendar

Winners will be announced November 1, 2016. Major prize winners will be published in the Toronto Sun and a full searchable list of winners will be available here.

In the event that all tickets are sold by September 2, 2016, then all Early Bonus, 24-Hour Cash Madness, Early Bird, Grand Prize, Final and 50/50 Draws will take place on September 13 to September 23, 2016. All draws will take place under the supervision of Deloitte LLP, at their offices at 400 Applewood Crescent, Suite 500, Vaughan, ON L4K 0C3 commencing at 8:00 a.m.

In the event there is a discrepancy between the winners list posted in the Toronto Sun and that posted on or the Deloitte LLP final report, the Deloitte LLP report will always be considered final. For any inquiries concerning the winners search, we invite you to contact the SickKids Lottery Administrator. For prize fulfillment inquiries please call 1-866-229-1648.

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Date Prize Name City Ticket Number
June 14 $10,000 CASH Diana Pereira Toronto 018677
June 14 $10,000 CASH Julie Omelon Hillsburgh 026434
June 14 $10,000 CASH John Lennon Hamilton 016251
June 14 $10,000 CASH Lawrence Kelley Thamesford 037774
June 14 $10,000 CASH Barry Jackson Innisfil 012364
June 14 $10,000 CASH John Douglas Hatherly Courtice 041810
June 14 $10,000 CASH John Choi Mississauga 032254


Date Prize Name City Ticket Number
July 31 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 31 - $1,000 Cary Walkin Mississauga 064849
July 30 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 30 - $1,000 George And Eileen Milligan Lake St Peter 012449
July 29 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 29 - $1,000 Linda Gladys Hewitt Burlington 010745
July 28 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 28 - $1,000 Danny Luong Richmond Hill 052079
July 27 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 27 - $1,000 Agnes Lang Strathroy 048981
July 26 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 26 - $1,000 Gerry St Jacques Sturgeon Falls 092848
July 25 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 25, $1,000 Anna Fiorella Mississauga 019812
July 24 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 24 - $1,000 Bohdun Chodoriwsky Englehart 045956
July 23 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 23 - $1,000 Kevin Mcconnell Kleinburg 060281
July 22 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 22 - $1,000 Donald Gelling Peterborough 046211
July 21 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 21 - $1,000 Jim Garner Toronto 014453
July 20 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 20 - $1,000 Bassam & Lamia Jamaleddine North York 026851
July 19 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 19 - $1,000 Marita Fajardo Toronto 065719
July 18 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 18 - $1,000 Kathy Fraser Etobicoke 065269
July 17 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 17, $1,000 Peter Thomas Toronto 000426
July 16 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 16 - $1,000 Stella Formosi Toronto 051881
July 15 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 15 - $1,000 Peter Moreton Stratford 082219
July 14 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 14 - $1,000 Claude Leprieur Hamilton 009556
July 13 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 13 - $1,000 Edith Samad Markham 089790
July 12 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 12 - $1,000 Linda Laackman Baltimore 081313
July 11 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 11 - $1,000 Aswathan Thirusittampalam Nepean 081296
July 10 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 10 - $1,000 Jill Wilkinson Midland 038037
July 9 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 9 - $1,000 Betty Attwell Brantford 086786
July 8 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 8 - $1,000 Katherine Lain-Meilleur Thunder Bay 021849
July 7 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 7 - $1,000 Edwin Smith Munster 012572
July 6 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 6 - $1,000 Theresa Green Etobicoke 069906
July 5 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 5 - $1,000 Jack Fenton Windsor 024521
July 4 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 4 - $1,000 Monique Labossiere Clarence Creek 068428
July 3 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 3 - $1,000 Vincent Walters Aurora 013476
July 2 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 2 - $1,000 John Merrett Niagara Falls 062537
July 1 SUPER EARLY BONUS: July 1 - $1,000 Catherine Scott Scarborough 019530
July 1 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe OR $125,000 Cash Option Denise Prendergast Oakville 089235


Date Prize Name City Ticket Number
September 26 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Veronica Doncaster Etobicoke 032281
September 25 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Ross & Giovanna Asaro Toronto 015063
September 24 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Kelsey Masterman Waterloo 064031
September 23 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Richard & Carol Brown Oakville 089961
September 22 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Marcia Legg Toronto 042533
September 21 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Lloyd Diver Orillia 058245
September 20 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Tyrrell Daley Brampton 028608
September 19 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Leona Legere Oshawa 032887
September 18 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Sandi Snetsinger Scarborough 038220
September 17 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Leo Derganc Porcupine 008579
September 16 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Colleen Mowatt Brampton 097726
September 15 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Edmund Menezes Scarborough 099255
September 14 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Dolores Gooch Burlington 043029
September 13 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Doris A Klein Elmira 108891
September 12 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Edie Marcus North York 101757
September 11 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option George Scott Toronto 086083
September 10 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Nancy Hayes Toronto 091736
September 9 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Robert Depatie Azilda 076069
September 8 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Kathy Graham Lindsay 008221
September 7 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Susie Notarantonio Toronto 087611
September 6 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Laurence Payne Toronto 021982
September 5 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Jiulia Franceschinis Caledon 013821
September 4 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Kathy Francis Oshawa 055788
September 3 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Judy Reidel Waterloo 043714
September 2 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Gayle Rose Thunder Bay 000443
September 1 Life Experience Gift Card or $500 Cash Option Paul Hyde Toronto 026805


Date Prize Name City Ticket Number
September 13 2016 Lexus GS F Sedan OR $100,000 Cash Option Delores Gallagher Acton 087557


Date Prize Name City Ticket Number
September 13 $1,000 Shirley And Jaimini Madho Scarborough 042005
September 13 $1,000 Gilles Lamothe East York 057793
September 13 $1,000 Francesco Spadafora Woodbridge 097334
September 13 $1,000 Elizabeth Darwin Peterborough 083007
September 13 $1,000 Rom Malik North York 078226
September 13 $1,000 Mary Ingram Belleville 081869
September 13 $1,000 Winnie Wallace Holland Landing 003776
September 13 $1,000 Bebe Beekie Markham 063479
September 13 $1,000 Anthony A Fredericks Scarborough 115843
September 13 $1,000 Satsabesh Nithiyananthan Markham 015225
September 13 $1,000 Anila Tahiri Pickering 062961
September 13 $1,000 Kyle Davey Colborne 096213
September 13 $1,000 Sandra Turcotte Odessa 111422
September 13 $1,000 Ture Treiberg Toronto 050234
September 13 $1,000 Wayne Misselbrook London 078625
September 14 $1,000 Patricia Patchett Peterborough 064274
September 14 $1,000 James Short Orleans 019855
September 14 $1,000 Betty Whitby London 015114
September 14 $1,000 Vitali Rjeousski Mississauga 059677
September 14 $1,000 Mari Lou Mcnamara London 088292
September 14 $1,000 Nancy & Robert Albu St Catharines 077952
September 14 $1,000 Andrew Hutton Markham 089025
September 14 $1,000 Katy Waugh Toronto 061797
September 14 $1,000 Srecko Milidrag Etobicoke 068265


Date Prize Name City Ticket
March 16 1 Million Dollars Cash Murray McGallan Scarborough 028590


DEADLINE: Midnight, May 27, 2016
DRAW: June 14, 2016

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DEADLINE: Midnight, June 17, 2016
DRAW: July 1-31, 2016

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DEADLINE: Midnight, August 5, 2016
DRAWS: September 1-30, 2016

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DEADLINE: Midnight, September 2, 2016
DRAW: September 13, 2016

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DEADLINE: Midnight, September 16, 2016
DRAWS: September 27-28, 2016

50/50 DRAW

DEADLINE: Midnight, September 30, 2016
DRAW: October 11, 2016


DEADLINE: Midnight, September 30, 2016
DRAWS: October 11-21, 2016

Catherine Kennedy

2014 SickKids Lottery Draw Winner

“On September 16th, 2013, SickKids saved our son, Phoenix’s life. We felt like we had won the lottery. Today we received our prize from the actual lottery and we feel like winners all over again. Thank you.”

SickKids grandfather wins lottery

Published on Monday, November 18, 2013

Today, Thambiaiyah Jeyananthan was presented with a $1 million cheque as the winner of the SickKids Lottery. What’s special about this winner is that Mr. Jeyananthan’s grandson was previously treated at SickKids for trauma after a playground injury two years ago on Christmas Eve. This connection makes this giveaway that much more special. Take a look at the excited family accepting their prize.


2013 SickKids Dreams and Discoveries Winter Lottery Grand Prize Winner

“Winning gives me another reason to smile when I think of SickKids. My son was treated there, so this is a lottery that I can relate to. I love supporting anything that helps the hospital.”

Len and Joanne Carr

2012 SickKids Dreams and Discoveries Winter Lottery Grand Prize Winner

Another local couple wins million-dollar lottery draw By April 17, 2012 For the fifth time this year someone in Thunder Bay is collecting a major lottery windfall. Len and Joanne Carr are expected to pick up their cheque for $1.5 million in the SickKids Dreams and Discoveries Winter Lottery in Toronto on Friday, April 20. Len owns an electrical contracting business in the city and the couple have two sons aged 24 and 26. Both Joanne and Len lost parents to illness, which inspired them to give back. Len is president of the local curling club in Thunder Bay. One of his junior curlers is currently being treated at SickKids for leukemia. They plan to use the money for retirement. The Carrs have supported the SickKids Lottery since 2007.

Peter Law

2011 SickKids Dreams and Discoveries Fall Lottery

Grand Prize Winner Peter Law, long time supporter of the SickKids Lottery, was the grand prize winner of the SickKids Dreams and Discoveries Fall 2011 Lottery.

Janet Gubersky

2011 SickKids Winter Lottery Grand Prize Winner

“We are so grateful to live near SickKids, so it’s really important to us to support it. You never know when someone you knowis really going to need it.” Since having children of her own, Janet Gubersky truly understands the value of having a world-renowned paediatric hospital close by. She knows many family and friends who have relied on The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) over the years. Her children are fortunate to be healthy and have only been brought to SickKids for minor clinic appointments. Janet has supported SickKids Lottery several times and wants to continue buying tickets for years to come.

Marlene and Ken Frotten

2010 SickKids Winter Lottery Grand Prize Winners

Marlene and Ken Frotten are the most recent $1 million grand prize winners of SickKids Winter Lottery. Their son Daniel, second from the right, completed treatment for leukemia at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in April 2010. This was the first lottery ticket the family has ever purchased from SickKids.

Lori Carr

2010 SickKids Spring Lottery Grand Prize Winner

We’ve always believed in miracles, in our lives and the lives of others. We’ve seen them happen.

We’re examples of how miracles can happen not once, but twice. We’ve always had a strong emotional connection with The Hospital for Sick Children and we wanted to show our thanks

So we’ve supported the SickKids Lottery for several years. Winning was completely unexpected-but became our reality. SickKids was such an incredible support during our son’s treatment for a bowel condition. We were already so grateful to have our lives changed once by SickKids-we never thought our lives would be impacted so dramatically a second time by the same hospital.

SickKids truly makes a difference each and every day. For our family, the effect of the hospital’s care is still remembered from years past and is evidenced by our healthy son! We will never forget. Thank you for making a difference!

Paul and Susan LeBlanc

2009 SickKids Fall Lottery Grand Prize Winners

We feel overwhelmed and grateful, because The Hospital for Sick Children has already done so much for us. Our three-year-old son Zacharie was born with Double Outlet Right Ventricle syndrome, a congenital heart disease. When he was only seven months old, we came to SickKids, where he had life-saving surgery. Doctors performed a complicated open-heart surgery on Zacharie and now he’s a normal, happy little kid. He’s a run-around boy and has a four-year-old brother to keep up with. There may be more surgery a bit later, but nothing major. In the meantime, Zacharie has annual checkups at SickKids.

So we’ve supported the hospital by buying its lottery tickets. This time, we bought three tickets. But only in our wildest dreams did we ever imagine winning the $1 million. At the presentation of the cheque, we were really surprised when Dr. Glen Van Arsdell, the heart surgeon who saved our boy’s life, stopped by to offer his congratulations. It was good to see him. It was very emotional to say “thank you” again and tell Dr. Van Arsdell everything is great with Zacharie … that he’s brand new. Now, we have a million – and one – reasons to be thankful to SickKids!

Lynn Shaw

2010 SickKids Fall Lottery Grand Prize Winner

SickKids lottery winners giving back – donating part of win back to Hospital for Sick Children. By Frances Willick, Windsor Star December 22, 2010 WINDSOR, Ont. — Every year as Lynn Shaw buys her ticket for the SickKidslottery, she gets this niggling feeling that someday her number’s going to come up. Shaw and her longtime partner Cameron Jones began purchasing tickets for the lottery 12 years ago in memory of Shaw’s nephew, Jonathan. The strapping 10 pound six ounce baby was born in 1998 with a severe genetic condition affecting his heart, lungs and brain. affecting his heart, lungs and brain. Immediately after he was born, Jonathan was rushed to the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where he was hooked up to life support. After two and a half weeks, his parents and doctors made the decision to remove him from life support. The infant died in his parents’ arms five hours later. It was the first time they had been able to hold him. Despite the tragedy of losing her nephew, Shaw recognized the outstanding care her family received at the hospital. “They were like family,” she said. “The care, the love, the heartbreak when Jonathan died, they were phenomenal. If he could have been helped or saved, that’s where it would have happened – at that hospital.” That year and every year afterwards, Shaw and Jones bought a $100 ticket for the lottery, alternating between their names each year. But this year, Shaw decided to buy two. “I’d say, I just have a feeling that Jonathan’s our little angel and we’re going to win something someday, I know it – never dreaming it would be a million dollars.” Two weeks ago, they got the call. “My girlfriend left a message on the machine saying, ‘Oh my God, you lucky suckers – you won a million dollars. I saw it on CTV on the news at noon,’” Shaw said. “We’re both looking at each other like, ‘Oh my God.’” Shaw called the number on the back of her ticket and got confirmation from SickKids that she was indeed the grand prize winner. “I don’t think we’ve even screamed yet because we’re both in shock,” Shaw said. “I can’t even fathom a million dollars right now.” Though they haven’t received the money yet, Shaw and Jones know exactly what they’re going to do with it – or at least a portion of it. “The first thought we had is donating back to the hospital in Jonathan’s name. We were just so incredibly blown away by the care and compassion,” Shaw said. “I don’t think our conscience would feel right if we didn’t do right by that hospital.” Shaw and Jones haven’t yet decided how much they’ll donate to the hospital, but it’ll likely be in the tens of thousands of dollars “If it helps them to continue the good work that they do and if it helps them to develop more cures … maybe in the future the next little boy that has some of the same issues could survive,” Shaw said. In addition to donating to the hospital, the couple plans to give some of their winnings to family members, to buy a new vehicle and possibly a new house. The windfall also means Shaw, 49, can retire from her job emptying and filling barrels of whisky at the Diageo plant in Amherstburg. Jones, 60, retired from the same plant two years ago. Shaw said it’ll take a while before their good fortune really sinks in. As she went Christmas shopping last week, she still kept her eyes open for sales. “We went to Red Lobster – I guess we can leave a little bigger tip,” she said. “We just look at each other and say, ‘You’re a frickin’ millionaire, you know.”


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